To build a broader community engagement process, the Social equity team is using creative engagement methods that reach beyond traditional community meeting formats. In addition to working with community partners, public workshops, and stakeholder interviews, we are using significant online and participatory technology outreach component in order to engage Oakland residents, tenants, and businesses in the places where they live, learn, work, and thrive.

What is Streetwyze? 

Oakland born and based Streetwyze is one of the mobile engagement tools the the Social Equity team will be using that will help residents make their voice heard! Historically, we’ve heard that planning processes were disconnected from the city’s real needs and the needs of everyday people. Streetwyze will help fill this gap so that all community-members have a voice in the planning and development process can make their voices heard.

How does Streetwyze work?

Streetwyze is a mobile app that helps people make their neighborhoods better. Streetwyze enables you to share your story on a mobile phone, computer, or other device. Streetwyze knows that you are the expert of what’s working, not working, and needs to be improved in Downtown Oakland…

No one knows your neighborhood better than you!

The City of Oakland will then use Streetwyze and other platforms to listen, learn, and educate themselves on what the community really wants, needs, and values in Oakland, as they continue the planning process. Streetwyze aims to improve community engagement by showing how the power of local knowledge can help build a stronger Oakland for everyone.   

Getting Started

All you have to do is email us to get started.  It’s that easy.

You can view Streetwyze through the Widget below to see what current users are saying about Oakland.