The Team

City of Oakland Strategic Planning 

The City of Oakland Planning and Building Department is leading the City’s effort to develop the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan. Because a specific plan is an interdisciplinary policy guide that links issues such as land use, transportation and economic development, the department’s Strategic Planning group is working with staff across City departments, including the Department of Race and Equity. City staff are supplemented by a team of consultants and subconsultants with technical expertise in areas ranging from economic analysis to street design to community outreach.

City of Oakland
Ed Manasse - Strategic Planning Manager
Alicia Parker - Planner III
Joanna Winter - Planner II 

Dover Kohl & Partners Team

The City of Oakland selected an acclaimed group of national and local professionals to develop a land use and policy plan that will shape a downtown that serves Oakland’s needs. Team members have expertise in town planning, urban design, market analysis, multi-modal transportation planning, sustainable urbanism, form-based codes, and environmental design and analysis. The team includes nationally renowned firms, including businesses local to Oakland and the Bay Area.

Dover Kohl
Luiza Liete
Amy Groves

Strategic Economics
Derek Braun
Nadine Fogarty


Equity Team Consultants

The City of Oakland selected the Equity in Oakland team led by the Institute for Sustainable Economic, Educational and Environmental Design (I-SEEED), to develop a social equity strategy that will guide policy and institutional change to address structural inequality through land use and other mechanisms of a specific plan. Comprised of experts in community engagement, racial and social equity, affordable housing, equitable real estate development, small business innovation, cultural arts, and community asset mapping, our team is local, diverse, and as inclusive as possible in terms of race, class, gender, ability, sexual orientation and other areas of intersectionality


Asian Health Services
Julia Liou
Michael Lok

Center for Social Inclusion
Dwayne Marsh

Institute for Sustainable Economic, Educational and Environmental Design + Streetwyze
Antwi Akom
Ethan Chang
Tessa Cruz
Dave Javid
Dhoryan Rizo
Aekta Shah
Kris Tyler

Khepera Consulting
Gregory Hodge

Mesu Strategies
Jme McLean

Eric Arnold

Kalima Rose
Tracey Ross

Popuphood, LLC
Sarah Filley

Community Advisory Group
80+ Community Members